Leadership Team


Mr Lee Wilson

Mr Wilson is the Chief Executive Principal, Primary and National Leader of Education for Outwood Grange Academies Trust (OGAT). Mr Wilson is currently responsible for the primary academies within the family of primary schools including: Outwood Pr...

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Mrs Jane Clayton

Mrs Clayton is the Associate Executive Principal of Outwood Primary Academies. In May 2014, under her leadership as Principal, Outwood Primary Academy Ledger Lane moved from satisfactory to good. It has recently secured an outstanding judgement.

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Mrs Alyson Million

Mrs Million is the Principal of Outwood Primary Academy Park Hill.

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Mr Luke McNamara

Mr McNamara is the Vice Principal at Outwood Primary Academy Park Hill. Having worked for the Trust since 2014, Mr McNamara has worked in many of the Outwood Primary Academies across the regions. In his previous role of Lead teacher for English, a...

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Mrs Corinne Duffy

Mrs Duffy is the Assistant Principal at Outwood Primary Academy Park Hill.

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Mr Dan Horan

Mr Horan is Key Stage 2 Leader at Outwood Primary Academy Park Hill. He has worked within the Outwood Grange Academies Trust since 2015, he has taught in two different Outwood schools across all of Key Stage 2. He is also subject leader for maths.

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Mrs Megan Fisher

Mrs Fisher is Key Stage 1 Leader at Outwood Primary Academy Park Hill. She has worked at Park Hill Primary since 2016 in Key stage 1. Previous to joining Outwood, she was a Foundation stage leader and has worked in several schools in the Wakefield...

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Miss Anna Wilson

Miss Wilson is SENDCo and she has worked in Year 2 at Park Hill since 2013. Before that, she has worked for both Wakefield and Leeds authorities. The majority of her teaching career has been based in Key Stage 1 however, she has experience of work...

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Miss Victoria Sunderland

Miss Sunderland is Early Years and Foundation Stage Leader and has worked in both reception and nursery classes since 2013 in a variety of diverse schools. With a dissertation based on how we teach children to read, Miss Sunderland is also our aca...

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