Learning Environment


At Outwood Primary Academy Park Hill, we believe in the value of display as a form of communication, progress and celebration. The learning environment serves both functional and showcase purposes.

All our classrooms have clearly labelled Maths, English and wider curriculum working walls that reflect our current learning. Our consistent and regularly updated working walls include: modelled examples of our learning; key vocabulary linked to our topic and images to support the pupils with their understanding. Our working walls act as a silent teacher to create a stimulating, purposeful reference for children, which supports and challenges their learning.

We ensure that our classrooms and corridors are a celebration of the amazing outcomes the children produce during a particular unit of learning as well as underpinning the core values and high expectations we set.

Language Rich Environment


As our academy has 12/17 of the possible ethnic groups and 50% of our children have English as an additional language (EAL), we feel it is vital to immerse everyone in language. Whether that is in our library, lunch hall, corridors or classrooms, we feel that reading and the acquisition of language is crucial to the future success of our pupils.

This Includes:

- Class reading areas;
- Food related reading material, language voting system and question prompts at lunch;
- Topic working walls with annotated key vocabulary and subject specific texts;
- Accountable talk for whole class discussions;
- Fully functional self service library;
- Reading clubs;
- Author visits;
- Reading events (Scary Book Night & World Book Day);
- Dual language signage and texts;
- Reading rewards.

Have a look at the pictures below to see how we have developed a language rich environment.