Mental Wellbeing

Here at Outwood Grange Academies Trust, we put children first to raise standards and transform lives. Creating a supportive environment where our students feel happy and able to flourish underpins everything we do.

Here at the academy, we have trained staff (see poster above) who actively support fellow colleagues and the wider academy community. We also have a children who provide assistance and help create mental health and wellbeing events across the academic year. We continue to develop and improve our practice and we are working towards achieving a Carnegie Centre of Excellence for Mental Health in Schools Award to.

We have created a new website which provides a comprehensive range of services for our children and parents to access to support them and their mental wellbeing. To visit, please click on the link below:


Outwood Grange Academies Trust Mental Wellbeing Strategy

Local Resources

Below are resources available in your community:

Time to...

Our Time To Curriculum helps support children's social and emotional mental health and wellbeing. It is integral to our academic curriculum where children are provided with an allocated time within the school week to discuss and develop strategies on how to best support their mental wellbeing. The three pillars of focus cover reflecting, exploring and connecting. Reflecting, children are able to develop positive self awareness, identity, confidence and skills. Exploring, children have opportunities to explore the issues that they face. Connecting, children build positive relationships and connections within a community.