Outwood Institute of Education

About the OIE

Outwood Institute of Education is a large, geographical spread, cross phase alliance. We currently have twenty four members of the alliance, made up of secondary schools, primary schools, special schools, a hospital school, higher education institutes, educational consultants and educational agencies.

As well as offering training and support for their alliance themselves, teaching schools are asked to identify and co-ordinate expertise from their alliance, using the best leaders and teachers to:

1. Play a greater role in training new entrants to the profession
2. Lead peer-to-peer professional and leadership development
3. Identify and develop leadership potential
4. Provide support for other schools
5. Designate and broker Specialist Leaders of Education (SLEs)
6. Engage in research and development

Membership to the alliance is free and there are two types. ‘Strategic Partners’ take a lead in an area of work; for example, they may deliver on a programme or be a part of the governance. ‘Alliance Members’ do not currently take such a role in the work of the alliance, but access all training opportunities and work in partnership with the alliance. These roles are fluid and we expect for there to be movement to suit the needs of the school or company; this is about getting the best for the children you care for.

Outwood Institute of Education is governed by the Outwood Teaching School Council, consisting of headteachers, principals and leaders from strategic partners. Steering Groups for Initial Teacher Training, Continuous Professional Development / Leadership Development, Research and Development and Specialist Leaders of Education / School to School Support ensure the alliance is working to achieve the best outcomes for all children.

We hold a half termly meeting for all strategic partners and alliance members. During these meetings, the morning is devoted to professional development through a showcase by one of the members and the afternoon deals with the strategic direction of the alliance.

The Outwood Institute of Education vision is simple: to put students first through offering world class leadership, professional development and training in order to improve the life chances for young people.

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