Pupil Roles & Responsibilities (Elective Curriculum)

Mental Health & Wellbeing Champions, Sports Ambassadors and Lunch Leaders

Our Mental Health and Wellbeing Champions are kind, helpful and supportive pupils who support children during social times. Our MH&WB Champions share books in assemblies to promote positive mental health.They helped to organise the Odd Socks event during Anti-Bullying Week and Children's Mental Health Week. They also recognise acts of kindness during social times and continuously help to spread the happiness across the academy.

In Year 5, the children take on an extra responsibility to work as Sports Ambassadors during lunchtimes. Carefully selected by Mr Hodson (PE subject leader) through a rigorous interview selection process, they help to facilitate activities that support the physical and mental wellbeing of our pupils. They work under the supervision of our Learning Managers and Play Leader.

Another pupil responsibility is our Lunch Leaders. They do a fantastic job in assisting with the smooth running of our lunchtime routines and act as great role models to the rest of the academy. They set high standards in the corridors, help move children in and out of the academy, clean tables, support a language rich lunch with 'vocab vote' and support the kitchen team.

School Parliament


Pupil's voice and opinions are very important and should play a key role in shaping our Academy. In order to achieve this, we have formed the School Parliament; key roles and groups within the Academy which allow pupils to have their say and to voice their opinions as well as supporting others. All pupils involved in student voice have the opportunity to develop key skills of leadership, responsibility, team work, organisation, the opportunity to raise self esteem and build self-confidence.

Each class are represented on the School Parliament by two children and these children represent different departments within the Park Hill Parliamentary Cabinet depending upon their interests.

We have departments for:

Equality and Inclusion

Over the past two academic years, the OPAPH Purple Party MPs have worked tirelessly on a plethora of different academy and community projects. Their invaluable work includes:

- Creating manifestos and pitching these to the academy before entering a democratic voting process;
- Holding local academy cabinet meetings as well as wider Trust meetings via Google Meet;
- Linking with a local food bank;
- Working with the local police, councillors and Mayor on a traffic calming;
- Presenting their community impact at the Houses of Parliament to Nick Gibb (Education Secretary);
- Designing and building a regional growing project for the Great Yorkshire Show;
- Working on various charitable events across the academy;
- Presenting to the whole school during assembly;
- Presenting at numerous multi academy summit events linked to sustainability and sport;
- Working closely with the local community centre and PCSOs to exhibit community impact;
- Conducting learning walks for their various departments;
- Being ambassadors for the academy and greeting any visitors;
- Working with various academy council members on things such as Health & Safety etc;
- Supporting Sports Ambassadors with the roll out of FIT (pupil led physical activity) at social times.

“I love being Prime Minister of OPAPH. I feel I can really make a difference here at school and in our community of Eastmoor”

Sako - Y6

“We think British Values are important in our cabinet meetings. We use democracy to vote for our MPs ”

Vilte - Y2

Reading Ambassadors


Our Reading Ambassadors work enthusiastically with Mrs Duffy to help promote a love for reading across our academy. This includes sharing book recommendations, reading to different classes, keeping our library tidy and organised and running the daily book donation point for all year groups.

Over the past academic year, their amazing work has included:

- Working through the detailed application process to earn Reading Ambassador status and their badge;
- Meeting international renowned children's author David Lawrence Jones;
- Supporting a showcase event of his fiction as well as the mass signing of the books purchased by our excited pupils;
- Creating and producing an academy newspaper and selling this to parents and pupils as an enterprise project;
- Reading diverse language books to drive our academy ethos of mutual respect and tolerance of all;
- Showcasing the OPA Anthology;
- Conducting a learning walk to observe high quality reading areas in each classroom;
- Supporting the activities across World Book Day.

“Being a Reading Ambassador is super cool. We get to meet authors and share our favourite books with other pupils!”

Blazej - Y6

Road Safety Champions

Our Road Safety Champions work closely with the local authority team as well as the local police force and Mayor. We have made road safety a key priority for our the work led by our pupils.

The children have created road safety campaigns, created letters to send to local MPs and the council to improve our road markings and used police equipment to conduct traffic calming sessions outside the academy.