Same Day Intervention is an approach to mathematics teaching that aims to ensure that no pupil is left behind, built on an ethos and culture that everyone can achieve. As part of our academic curriculum, the lesson is restructured to allow marking and assessment time in the middle of the lesson, in order to provide appropriate intervention immediately to address any misconceptions.

Daily maths lessons use the following structure:

-Teaching input and high quality modelling to the whole class. Each concept is modelled step-by-step to ensure all learners can keep up. After modelling using an ‘I do, you do’ approach, pupils answer some questions independently.
-This whole section lasts approximately 30 minutes.
-Pupils then have 15 minutes away from their teacher (attending assembly) while the teacher marks their answers using a rapid marking code. During this progress pit-stop, the teacher can group the children based on which pupils need that extra support, and which learners need to develop their depth of understanding.
-The remaining 30 minutes of the lesson is an intervention session, where the teacher groups children together based on how they answered the questions so that they can efficiently address common misconceptions. The aim is to use the additional support to ensure that all children reach a certain level of understanding by the end of the day, preventing an achievement gap from forming.
-Same Day Intervention is used in conjunction with the Inspire Maths textbooks.